Just Hours Away

The day is just hours away.

Many have asked me, “How are you feeling about the surgery?” and many would assume that I would be nervous and scared.

In life, we all face a battle. Your battle could be losing a parent, marital issues, physical disability, financial burdens or an unexpected trial.  We can’t control which battles are given to us. But what we can control is how we handle them. We get to decide how we react and how much it will affect our life.

With my health battle, I have chosen to grab a hold of it and run beside it.  My battle keeps me humbled. It gives me tenacity to try new things. It gives me hope that there is more work for me to do on earth.

In dealing with your battle, are you going to let it define you or refine you? 

So, to answer the question, NO! I am not nervous about tomorrow. I will come out refined and ready to take on the world!


Tomorrow’s plan

Check in: 6:00am

Start of Procedure: 7:30am

Duration of Procedure: 1.5 + hours


Plans for Procedure: They will be placing a new pacemaker near my left shoulder. I will also be getting new leads (the “wire” that connects to the heart and back to the pacemaker).  My incision will be minimal but it will be another scar and another story to tell.


Recovery time: I will be in the hospital overnight. I will be given high doses of antibiotics, through an IV, to prevent any infections. After I am discharged from the hospital, I will be laying low for a week, with little to no physical activity.


I am truly thankful that they were able to discover a large amount of heart healthy tissue through my last heart catheterization. Because of this great news, tomorrow’s procedure will be less invasive and less risky. But, in any case, it is still an operation that has risks.


The next time I write, I will be on the road to recovery. How exciting is that?!?!