Conversations with a Stranger

Conversations with strangers…do we have them anymore? Many people choose to focus inward and sometimes forget that there are hundreds, literally thousands of people that they can interact with on a daily basis. If only you just looked to the left or right and began the conversation. The endless possibilities…maybe you will learn about a new culture, maybe you will make a new friend and heck, maybe you will meet your future spouse.


If the possibilities are endless, then why do we put on the face of: “I am untouchable and I have ZERO desire to talk to you. Can’t you see that my iPhone is more important.” Oh society, where are you taking us.


A few weeks ago, I traveled to Houston. I’m sitting in the airport, surrounded by thousands of eager, frustrated, and anxious travelers. As I was boarding the plane from Salt Lake City to Houston, an older gentlemen and I began a conversation. What sparked the conversation? To tell you the truth, I can’t remember. But as we were boarding we chatted away. And as I found my seat, he looked at his ticket and realized his seat was right next to mine. I said “Well, it was just meant to be.”


People would say, “What a coincidence”. I say,“There is no such thing as a coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.”


For the 2-hour flight, we did not pause once. We talked about his family, his religion, his morals, and his job. We talked about my job, why I was traveling to Houston, my religion, and my future plans. We are different people, we have a different lifestyles and we are in different phases of life.


As the plane pulled into the gate and our conversation ended, we realized we will never see each other again. But what a joy it was to have a rich conversation and hear about someone else’s life experiences.  All this happened because we both extended ourselves and we were open for conversations. We weren’t glued to our phones, as if our lives depended on it. We didn’t listen to music, to tune out the world. We were just people, creating conversation.


My challenge to you this week: extend yourself. Put yourself out there and be open for a conversation with a stranger. Who knows what could come of it!