My Continued Battle

Sinking deeper into a state of darkness. A place where there is little light. Looping thoughts of frustration, sadness, and hurt. I expressed these feelings in my past post called Soul Expression and yet I am still dealing with it.


Many people would be shocked to know that I am facing this battle. I have so many wonderful things in my life: a supportive, loving fiance, a job that gives me the ability to help students through tough times, a family that roots for me everyday, my health that allows me to be active, friends that always see the best in me. But inside, I still am hurting. Inside I am searching for my light, my fire, my passion. With self-reflection, I realized what I am missing. I am missing the one person that gives me that ability to truly be joyful in all my blessings. His name is Jesus!


From the wise words of Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Confession…that is me. I haven’t been doing much to face my battle. I have read my bible here and there, prayed only when moved and been seeking a church but I haven’t planted my roots anywhere. A once passionate soul, now a searching soul.


This is my spiritual battle. I am going to reclaim my passion and what God has called for my life. Today I declare that I, Lindsay Kathleen, am taking authority over my situation and creating change in my life, to take back what Satan has held onto.


Face that battle! And tackle it head on. Spiritual warfare is alive. Satan is in every corner of your life. He likes you to think that he has the ultimate power over you. And I am here to tell you that HE DOES NOT. The same power that conquered the grave lives in you. Jesus has already won. We need to only seek him and make practical steps for spiritual growth.


For 2016, here are my practical steps that I am taking to reclaim my passion:

  • Eliminating distractions:
    • I will be fasting from Social Media for 21 days starting tomorrow. Sadly, I am that person who checks her facebook and instagram the minute I wake up (don’t judge…you know you’ve done it too)
  • Intentional time with God:
    • A relationship can’t grow unless you make intentional time with that person. And my relationship with God is no different. I want to have him in every part of my day. It starts by making time for him.


If you have lost your passion or feel like the world is crushing you, reclaim your life! Stand up to Satan and cry out for God. Make practical steps that will allow you to seek God. My practical steps may look different from yours. Pray about areas in your life that are a distraction to your relationship with God.

Let’s hope. Let’s strive. Let’s do.