You Are Already There

I have a group of 5th grade girls that pop into my office after school. Although my counseling “duties” are over and I’m wrapping up my day, I still cherish this group of ladies. Like myself, their favorite game to play in my office is Jenga. However, I play Jenga a little bit differently. On these Jenga pieces are questions. Once you pull the Jenga piece you have to read and respond to the question before moving to the next player. We played a full round until CRASH went the tower. Instead of playing another round the girls decided to do something different. We each grabbed one Jenga piece at random and we had to read our question and share our answer to the group. “Ms. Barth, you go first.” I turn over my block and the question was:

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Well, I’m 28 so technically I’ve already “grown up.” But I still have some things I want to achieve. So I answered with this:

“I would love to write a book and be a motivational/inspirational speaker.”

All of the girls added there thoughts into my statement and after all the chatter among the girls settled, one of them said , “but Ms. Barth, you already are a motivational speaker.” Right there, it dawned on me…”I am already there.” You see, for most of my life I have wanted bigger and better. It wasn’t enough for me to settle in one school district and in one city. I wanted to travel. Be known. Be liked. And being a motivational speaker meant it had to be on a big level. With all my “big dreaming” I didn’t realize that God has already placed me in the role as a motivational speaker. Each week, I have the opportunity to speak to over 210 students about life skills. Each week, I have the honor to share my wisdom and help strengthen people’s characters. EACH week!!! I am already there! God has already fulfilled one of my dreams.

To everyone out there, God has you right where he wants you. You don’t need a publishing house to deem your words worthy for the world to hear. You can already tell your story to that one individual who needs it. You don’t need a social platform to tell you that you are worthy of affirmation. Just look to your friends and family who love you. You don’t need 500+ likes on Instagram to tell you that you are beautiful because you already are. You are already there!!!